Top 5 Best Bread Maker Machines

Trying to find the Best Bread Maker for you? Then you have arrived at the right place! We help you select the best bread maker that suits your needs. On this website you will find detailed bread maker reviews and bread maker comparisons of the most popular bread machines on the market.

Selecting the best bread maker

Maybe you have just started your research of maybe you been reading reviews all over the web. This is the one place where we have combined it all for you. Let’s first have a look at what ‘best’ means when we looks for a bread maker. The three deciding factors are:

  1. Budget – How much can you spend on a bread maker?
  2. Durable – No matter if you are looking for a high-end or low-end bread maker, we want to avoid buying a bread maker with common or already known failures.
  3. Functions & Features – Bread makers come with different sets of functions and features, you want to be sure that the function you are looking for is available on your bread maker. For example, when want to use the bread maker to bake gluten free bread, you’d better select a bread maker that has a gluten free program.

Every bread maker review on our site comes with a comparison chart to have an easy overview of available functions & features together with a reviews from actual users. These reviews give us an insight in the durability of the machine. In terms of pricing, make sure you always check the latest price using the ‘check latest price button’.

Now let’s have a looks at 5 of the top selling bread maker in the market!

1 Panasonic Bread Machine SD-YD250

Panasonic Bread Machine SD-YD250

This Panasonic Bread Machine is one of the top sellers in the market. We encourage you to read the full bread maker review and do consider the following remarks from users before you decide;

  • Not all baking options can be combined. For example, a Multigrain bread will always come with a dark crust. The crust control feature can only be use for white bread and wholemeal bread.
  • The recipes in the free recipe booklet come with odd measurements (for example 16th or 32ndcups)
  • This bread maker is rather large, it measures 13.4 x 9.1 x 14 inches

Panasonic SD-YD250 Bread Maker Review   Check Lowest Price Panasonic SD-YD250 Bread Maker

2 Zojirushi Bread Maker BB-CEC20

Zojirushi Bread Maker BB-CEC20

This Zojirushi bread maker is a pure quality bread machine and is suitable for both the beginner as well as the advanced bread maker. This machine comes with a sourdough starter and has many positive reviews from users;

  • On Amazon you can find many more positive than negative  reviews. Most if the negative reviews discuss the quality of the bread that is produced by this machine. Take note that the quality of bread is very much influenced by the quality of ingredients and accurate measurements.

Zoijrushi BB-CEC20 Bread Maker Review

3 West Bend Bread Maker 41300

West Bend Bread Maker 41300

This West Bend Bread Maker has a wide range of features that includes a ‘gluten-free’ option. This bread maker very well received by the users but we’d like you to take note of the following user feedback;

  • The bread maker manual is disappointing
  • The bread machine comes with 2 kneading blades which assures that even heavy cereal wholemeal bread will have a consistent output.
  • The nickname ‘Hi-Rise’ (referring to dough that rises ‘high’) has been confirmed to be right.
  • Not mentioned in the instruction book, many users recommend you to run the machine empty the first time you use it. This is to avoid a ‘plastic taste’ of your first few loafs.

West Bend 41300 Bread Maker Review

4 Breadman Bread Maker TR2500BC

Breadman Bread Maker TR2500BC

This breadman bread maker is very well received by its users. It comes with two ‘special features’; a ‘dispenser for nut and raisins’ and the option the bake ‘gluten-free’ bread. Do take note of one ‘mechanical issue’ that is experienced by many;

  • The bread pan seems to jump off the drive during the kneading process.

Breadman TR2500BC Bread Maker Review

5 Breville Bread Maker BBM800XL

Breville Bread Maker BMM800

This Breville Bread Maker is one of the most complete bread makers on the market. Did you know that this machine has;

  • a foldable kneading paddle, you will never have those annoying ‘kneading paddle holes’ in your loaf!
  • a well designed and user friendly user manual with bread making recipes
  • the option for you to program your own homemade bread cycles.

Breville BMM800 Bread Maker Review

These are the five top bread maker machines on the market. These are definitely not all the bead maker worth reviewing. If you are looking for even more bread maker reviews keep looking around, we have lots to offer!

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